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Our company has a company structure that constantly updates itself, produces technical solutions for its customers and researches new systems.

IPM Galvano has created an organizational chart to respond to the demands of customers with turnkey projects.

Product Variations

IPM Galvano, product variety list

◎Chrome Plating Plants and Their Types

◎Zinc and Zinc Alloy Plants

◎Anodizing Surface Treatment Plants

◎ Hard Chrome Plating plants

◎ ABS plating plants (POP)

◎Phosphate Plants

◎ KTL: Katoforez (Electro-Coating) Plants

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Wastewater Treatment in Coating Plants

Heavy metals need to be removed in order to protect the environmental factors and nature of the coating plants we make in our facility. In this respect, we have to design the treatment facilities as the last point of the facility in all the facilities we make. In this regard, we primarily partner with Cubic Meter Treatment Technologies company and many treatment plant companies in the solution of treatment plants.


Heavy metals removed in coating plants and treatment plants

Chrome Plating Plants and Their Types

Nickel Plating Plants

Zinc and Zinc Alloy Plants

Anodizing Surface Treatment Plants

Cataphoresis Facilities

Phosphate Plants

Surface Cleaning Facilities

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